Join Me on a Journey Into Wonder

This moment. This space. This breath. Lean into the wild quiet within.

I’m Michele. I navigate life with 3 legs (ok, 2 of them are crutches), 1 hip, and a 96.3% fused spine. No, this isn’t a super scary fifth-grade math word problem I promise.

Have you ever wanted to carve a place to pause and find stillness right in the middle of the stress and noise around you? To become better at understanding your own inspiration process? To connect to your creativity at new levels? To build a recession-proof resilience practice?

Yes? Then, friend, you belong here. This is FOR you.

If we haven’t met, I spent 2+ decades leading projects and mentoring leaders in largely faith-based settings across 3 continents before settling back down in my North Florida hometown as a studio fine artist and author.

It sounds so neat. All tied up in a pretty, 3-line bio-worthy bow.

But you know real life is messy and hard and marvelous, and positively impossible to contain at the same time.

I also have lost everything and had to start over; not once, or twice, but three times. I’ve walked through seasons that have left scars and stretch marks on my soul. And I’m guessing, I’m not the only one.

We have all been through ongoing collective trauma over the last 2+ years. I buried both my parents less than 6 months apart. Like many others, I was confined to my home because of the absurd policies of the state in which I reside that refused to protect the medically vulnerable. Almost every day I was faced with hearing another way my (disabled) life did not matter.

I’ve felt raw, betrayed, furious, anguished, and 1000 other things. I wanted to say, “Screw it, I give up caring,” more times than I can count.

But this practice is how I’ve begun breathing and moving and finding my being again after a decade of repeated loss.

This is the story of how I slowly, tenderly, gently cultivated a wonder habit.

And Michele, What Exactly is the Wonder Habit?

The Wonder Habit™ is the intentionally pursuing the things that make our souls come most alive in ways that build our resilience, deepen our creativity and strengthen our wholehearted connection to ourselves and the world around us.

I am not talking about fake-it-till-you-make-it, toxic positivity, or shallow self-help hype.

I’m talking about a transformative, essential practice for thriving in a chaotic world. Wonder is an intentional invitation to live loved, fully alive to the simple moments of beauty all around us.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never needed it more.

So What’s This Online Space About?

Super top-secret stuff, that’s what. 😉

I’m in the research and riffing phase of writing my next book. Instead of writing in secret or just dropping sneak peeks on social, I’m returning to my roots of writing content for my books in the space of online community.

Interaction and presence fuels me. I want to take you WITH me as I research and experiment and play and develop and write and craft each page.

To have a place where we can have an ongoing conversation. Yes, you could just get the book when it comes out sometime in 2023-24. But joining here will give you access to this adventure step-by-step as it unfolds.

My deepest hope is this will become an ongoing space where your soul can breathe and your heart can be steeped in the reality of your worth. In the truths that you are: Seen. Significant. Celebrated. In recognizing opportunities to pause and practice wonder every day.

Because you aren’t on the outside looking in. You are the first pick not the last. You are invited. In all the beauty and spontaneity of your becoming. Invited into a place you don’t have to fit into because you already belong.

Come along for an eclectic blend of pigment foraging. Forest wandering. Coastline exploring. Studio Sundays. Creative Prompts. Wonder Walks. Inspiration hacks. Star gazing. Behind-the-scenes, real-time updates. Sunset gathering. Soulful meanders. Hot cups of tea on repeat. Conversations around deconstruction and contemplative spirituality. Plein-air playdates. Private podcast parties. Community surprises. A library of growth and goodness that could not be contained in a book alone.

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Why Become a Paid Subscriber?

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  • All the latest written posts and prompts as they are created. This is a little bit of a documentary “capture it as it happens” approach so not every week will equal the same flow or kind of content.

  • I choose present over perfect. We’re OK with raw and real here.

  • In the interest of not spamming your inbox, I’m not emailing every single individual post. Especially as the next few weeks and months are going to be busy getting us going.

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  • All on Substack in a space dedicated to offering more of what you need to find space for your soul to breathe.

🙋🏻‍♀️ What Do You Mean by Conversations Around Deconstruction & Contemplative Spirituality?

Such a brave, great question.

And I get it. Many of you, like me, have experienced trauma in institutional religion, especially evangelical, fundamental expressions of Christianity.

Deep breath. I’m not here to change you. Or fix you. Or offer you more platitudinal faith. Is platitudinal an actual word? Because it totally should be.

I do however write from my journey, which will include posts from a contemplative spiritual point of view rooted in the Celtic Christian monastic tradition that is deeply inclusive, rather than exclusive. Your being and becoming are celebrated and cherished here. And you never, ever have to agree with me or be anything other than what you are.

What started as a simple daily breath prayer 30 years ago has become the only way I know how to frame my being in the world. Contemplation at its core isn’t about a specific belief and doctrine. It’s about our being and becoming.

As with everything here, take what is helpful and soul-nourishing. Leave the rest. The Wonder Habit is part how-to, part memoir, part meditation, part inspiration archive. At least that’s our starting point.

Again, your being and becoming are celebrated in this space. Because I believe you are full of wonder worth celebrating.

I believe recovering wonder is an essential soul-care practice that not only opens doors to greater personal wholeness, it also invites us into genuine joy and offers us creative strength even in really hard times.

Creatively stuck? Overwhelmed? Navigating loss? Trying to figure out what’s next after experiencing spiritual abuse? Are you a creative pro looking for resources to stay inspired now that your bottom line depends on it? Or maybe you are just plain curious.

There’s a seat with your name on it at this table.

I can’t wait to get to know you more as we grow and explore and play and become together. Shared journeys are precious gifts and I don’t take your support lightly.

You can cancel this subscription at any time.

If you have questions, please drop me a note ⬇️.

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